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Two different musical worlds, baroque and jazz, meet in this unique project called Triptyque. But Marcel Ponseele and Jean-Paul Estiévenart quickly realised, while elaborating the repertoire, that an artist is a humble servant of the Arts which transcends any ideology or belonging. The meeting between Ponseele, an imminent oboist, and the young trumpet player Estiévenart is therefore not a shock of contexts: they live the music and speak about it in the same way, nevertheless their own 'genres'.

They have agreed on a repertoire mainly by J.S. Bach, in three tableaux of different emotional intensity. They will respond to each other, adapting the German master’s compositions somewhat to introduce jazz flights of fancy. The third soloist in the ensemble is the unbridled harpsichordist and pianist Anthony Romaniuk. He is used to breaking the boundaries between styles, and is himself a jazz enthusiast.

Finally, among the string instruments, double bass player Sam Gerstmans, a jazz virtuoso, links the two worlds and follows Jean-Paul in his escapades.

After its première in Flagey (Brussels) in April 2022, the repertoire was presented at PBA (Charleroi) and Brosella Festival(Brussels). Their album was recorded in June 2022 and will be touring after its release in selected venues and festivals.

Jean-Paul Estiévenart (trumpet)
Marcel Ponseele (oboe)
Anthony Romaniuk (harpsichord, organ, piano)
Sam Gerstmans (double bass)

Jan De Winne (flutes)
Joanna Huszcza (violin)
Jacek Kurzydlo (violin)
Kaat De Cock (viola)
Ira Givol (cello)


"Dans l'album "Triptyque", avec le hautboïste Marcel Ponseele et son ensemble Il Gardellino, le trompettiste voit l'œuvre du cantor de Leipzig sous d'autres angles, source d'inspiration et base d'improvisation également. De subtiles connivences naissent entre baroque et jazz." ****

"C’est pourtant la continuité qui frappe et les cicatrices qui fragmentent les genres semblent tellement ténues qu’on les oublierait" ***
La Libre (BE)

"Triptyque, un mélange unique de la musique de Bach avec des arrangements et des improvisations de Marcel Ponseele, Jean-Paul Estiévenart et Anthony Romaniuk."

"Het hele idee onder de titel ‘Triptyque’ verdient een vervolg, live en op cd."
Jazz'Halo (BE)

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