"Two very different worlds (Baroque and Jazz) meet and realize that it is no longer a question of which genre they play. By touching the hearts of the listeners, they understand that Music is a Universal Language that can transcend everything." Marcel Ponseele


A triptych is a painted or sculpted work of art in three panels, whose outer flaps can be closed on the middle one. By opening the shutters, Jean-Paul Estiévenart, Marcel Ponseele and their musicians wish to present a musical painting in three panels.


Two musical worlds, baroque and jazz, meet here. But Ponseele and Estiévenart quickly realized, while elaborating the repertoire, that an artist is a humble servant at the service of Art which transcends any ideology or belonging. The meeting between Marcel Ponseele, an imminent oboist, and the young trumpet player is not a shock of contexts: they live the music and speak about it in the same way.


Jean-Paul Estiévenart, trumpet
Marcel Ponseele, oboe
Anthony Romaniuk, harpsichord
Sam Gerstmans, double bass

Il Gardellino:
Joanna Huszcza, violin

Conor Gricmanis, violin
Kaat De Cock, viola
Ira Givol, cello

Jan Van den Borre, flute


Première @ Flagey : 26.04.2022 
Concert @ PBA, Charleroi : 30.04.2022