I want to play with musicians without limits. I want to be able to write everything and make sure it's going to sound. " J.-P.

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Jean-Paul Estievenart Quintet

NEW ALBUM "Strange Bird" feat. Logan Richardson

NOVEMBER 2019, Outnote Records

(c) Kris Dewitte​ @ The Hotel. Brussels 


Jean-Paul Estiévenart (trumpet)

Romain Pilon (guitar)

Nicola Andrioli (piano)

Nic thys (double bass)

Antoine Pierre (drums)

+Guest on the album: Logan Richardson (saxophone) 

'The new tradition'  Vers L'Avenir

Acoustic, lyrical, enveloping jazz.


'Strange Bird is a musical representation of myself. 

With this album, you can travel inside my head.' - Jean-Paul.


This is Jean-Paul Estiévenart’s second personal project, which plunges us into a wholly new universe, very different from his trio’s. Here he has chosen harmonic instruments (piano, guitar) to set the « sound stage » for his trumpet. But as usual, his writing is deeply autobiographical, and the intense interpretation by the members of the quintet reinforces the strength of these stories told without words. 


Jean-Paul wants us to feel his passion, his anger, his joy. And he invited his fellow musicians on this album for one reason among others : their capacity to be « in the moment » and to commit themselves to nothing but Music.


Jean-Paul tells us about what he knows best : himself. The tracks on Strange Bird are a voyage to the centre of his life, but above all an invitation to give ourselves up to the power of our emotions, enhanced by music. 

(Translated into English by Patrick Pierre)