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Jean-Paul Estievenart Trio (+1) 

(c) Marta De Gracia


"The pureness of classical phrasing rubs against the delirious madness of freedom."


Line up TRIO

Jean-Paul Estiévenart

Sam Gerstmans

Antoine Pierre


The Trio feat. fabian Fiorini

After the success of his debut album "Wanted" released in 2013 on De W.E.R.F. Records, Jean-Paul Estiévenart presented a second album in 2016, "Behind the Darkness", on Igloo Records.

"Behind the Darkness" has a double meaning: it refers to his childhood in coal dumps but also presents the dark moments that man encounters during his life.

Jean-Paul has surrounded himself for his trio with a solid rhythm section: the drumming of Antoine Pierre grooves and merges perfectly with the trumpet both in terms of time and energy, and the bassist Sam Gerstmans assures a raw and essential play.


Declined into four paintings (rebirth, homage, obscurity / complexity and tradition), "Behind the Darkness" presents original compositions including three improvised titles. The trio delivers melodic, rhythmic and pictorial music through which the trumpet player asserts his musical personality.

After a very large number of concerts since 2013, the trio has evolved a lot, the musicians know each other by heart.

On stage, everything seems to be possible for them to play. 

Feat. Fabian Fiorini.

When the trio becomes a quartet... 

After some concerts with Fabian Fiorini as guest musician, it became evident to Jean-Paul that herein lies the next step in his personal project. The trio naturally transformes into a quartet: the 4 musicians all share the same lightning energy. No power struggles within this new formation, but rather an explosion or continuous fireworks, with unbridled performers, virtuosity and overflowing musicality.

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